Surfing in Tahiti

Surfing Tahiti
Tahiti is one of the most beautiful and also unique places in the Pacific. It is a dream destination for any traveler, but a truly incredible place to visit as a surfer. The island is a tropical paradise with crystal clear waters, terrific coastlines and a laid-back island way of life. If you have ever picked up a surfing magazine, you will be familiar with Teahupo’o, Tahiti’s most famous wave. Nicknamed Chopes and pronounced Cho-po, it’s a huge wave that is now home to the yearly Billabong Pro Tahiti, part of the ASP World Tour. There are two surf seasons in Tahiti, the first runs from November until March (Summer), and the second runs from April until October (Wintertime). The swells from the North come during the summer period, regularly throwing out 8ft waves, but the Winter season is when you see the real monster waves come into Tahiti.

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