The 10 Best Surf Hotels in the World

If you’re looking for the best surf hotels in the world, then you’re in the right place. Here, we’re going to take an in-depth look at 10 of the best surf hotels from around the world.

Surfrider Hotel in Malibu, California

surf hotel california

For many people, Malibu is the ultimate surfing destination outside of Australia’s Gold Coast. The California resort benefits from the chunky surf as it rolls in over thousands of miles of Pacific Ocean.

It should come as no surprise, therefore, that The Surfrider Beach House advertises itself as the premier hotel for keen surfers across America.

You can find the Beach House located on the world-famous Pacific Coast Highway, just across the road from Surfrider beach. The accommodation recently underwent a substantial renovation, stripping away the 1950s motel decor and replacing it with something modern, chic, and perfect for those wanting a classic surfing break.

Everything about the hotel screams “surf shack” at you, but not in a way you’ve experienced before. The beautiful roof deck and complimentary Mini Coopers (yes, the cars!) give you a retro vibe. The twenty private rooms all offer distinct seaside themes, and there’s even an “alchemist” selling all manner of skincare products.

There are, of course, surfboards and wetsuits for rent as well as heated outdoor showers to wash off all the saltwater before you head back to your room. And for those who want a little more adventure, the venue also offers “surf safaris,” taking you on a whistlestop tour of the local area.

Book a room at The Malibu Surfrider Hotel from $345 a night.

The Surf Lodge in Montauk, New York

The Surf Lodge in Montauk, Long Island, promises surfers a tailored experience, providing them with everything they need to make their next trip an adventure to remember.

The hotel began its life as a humble Irish dive-bar – little more than a metal shed with a window in the side of it for serving drinks. Today, though, it has been fully renovated, providing numerous sea-view rooms with stunning views of the coast, enticing you to grab your board and enjoy the surf.

While the hotel itself is beautiful, it’s the location that really sets it apart. Montauk is an area right at the tip of New York’s Long Island, just to the east of the Hamptons. The Surf Lodge has benefited from the wealth of the area. It is now widely regarded as being one of the hippest spots in the region. You’ll find all manner of wealthy and famous people hanging out here, soaking in the atmosphere and unwinding on the surf deck.

The Surf Lodge also offers its very own restaurant, which opens for both lunch and dinner. Here, chefs prepare freshly caught seafood from the nearby Montauk Harbor, and source produce from the nearby farms at the North Fork of the island. The sustainable-living dream continues, with the hotel’s free bike rentals, allowing you to scoot off to town or explore more of the island while you’re not trying to catch the surf out to sea.

Book a room now at The Surf Lodge Montauk from $505 a night.

Noah Surf House, Portugal

Noah surf house santa cruz

Noah Surf House in Portugal is everything you’d expect from a European surfing destination. Located right on the coast, the venue benefits from the giant waves that roll in from the mid-Atlantic, making it one of the most desirable surfing locations on the continent.

The accommodation’s motto is “at sea, we’re home,” and it is a theme that runs throughout the entire establishment. Everything from the surf deck to the timber-framed construction and views out over the sea provides a distinctly nautical feel.

Of course, sustainability is a massive priority here. The hotel not only provides sustainable accommodation made of recycled materials but also raises its own chickens to provide eggs for the on-site restaurant. There are eight private rooms and thirteen “bungalows” on-site, each of which the hotel decorates individually. The hotel recommends that guests take a good look at each unit before booking to see which suits their tastes.

Interestingly, Noah Beach house has two separate spaces – the main beach house complex and the Noah Surf restaurant just down the road. For many visitors, the restaurant will be the place they spend most of their time while not sleeping. It features a full-service cocktail bar, a surf store, an infinity pool, a fully equipped kitchen you can use at your leisure, and even a surf school where you can learn the ropes. There’s ample parking out the front of both complexes, so hiring a car to explore the region is a cinch.

Book a room at Noah Surf House now from €180 a night.

The Gilded Iguana, Costa Rica

surf camps costa rica

The Gilded Iguana in Costa Rica is a hotel with a long history. The founders set up the original hotel all the way back in 1988, recognizing that surfers wanted a no-compromise destination that catered to their needs. The Gilded Iguana is, therefore, a destination set up by surfers for surfers – not a larger chain pretending that it understands surfing culture.

The accommodation features everything you would expect from a premier surfing destination, including massive waves, stunning sea-themed accommodation, yoga facilities, and opportunities for mountain biking. On-site, there’s surfboard rental and storage facilities just 200 meters from the world-famous Playa Guiones beach. And the hotel offers lessons and membership of its surf club for those who will be traveling to the location frequently.

The Gilded Iguana has a strong frontier spirit. It was the first permanent structure in Nosara, the first place to have a telephone, and the first establishment in the region to offer a live music venue. Thirty years ago, it was right at the cutting edge of tourism in the area and is still an epicenter for the sport to this day, offering traditional off-the-grid living for those who stay. The exterior vibe of the hotel remains very much as it was in the early days. It features thatched roofs, stunning landscaping, and wood paneling, giving it a fresh appearance. On the interior, though, it’s all-new, with beautiful interior courtyards and excellent use of wooden decor.

The main attraction of the destination is the stunning Playa Guiones, a dazzling strip of white sand that stretches more than seven miles. Here is where you’ll spend most of your time.

Book a room now at The Gilded Iguana from $195 a night.

Malibu Popoyo, Nicaragua

The Central American country of Nicaragua is famous for its surf, and now, thanks to the Malibu Popoyo, you can enjoy it in the lap of luxury. The hotel likes to present itself as a holistic retreat, offering you everything you could want to relax and unwind after a morning out on the waves.

All the cuisine at the venue is organic and prepared using only the freshest of ingredients from nearby La Quinta. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and offers beautiful smoothies, beverages, and juices, allowing you to indulge in some liquid sunshine. There is a yoga and meditation area with an open-sided, wooden-floored palapa, located in the gardens, designed explicitly for relaxation and unwinding. And you can find a wellness center offering all the treatments you could want to rest, relax and unwind, including massage, detox scrubs, reflexology, and facials.

Of course, the main attraction is, again, the surf – and this is where the Malibu Popoyo really shines. Within thirty miles of the destination are ten world-class beaches, offering some of the best boarding opportunities anywhere in the western hemisphere. The waves here vary from longboard peels to deep and hollow reef breaks, giving people of all abilities the chance to hone their skills.

For those interested in sustainability, the hotel ticks all the right boxes here too. The nearby La Quinta orchard produces plantains, oranges, coconuts, mangos, and dragonfruit, all of which eventually make their way into dishes served at the local restaurant. Thus, overall, the hotel lives up to its aspiration to be everything a surfer retreat should be, and more.

Book a room now at Malibu Popoyo in Nicaragua from $246 a night.

Surfjack Hotel, Hawaii

If you’re planning a surf trip to Hawaii, the Surfjack Hotel is the place to go. Unlike many other luxury establishments on the Pacific Island chain, it doesn’t believe that hospitality comes with white gloves and a stiff upper lip. Instead, it fully embraces the idea that you can combine excellent service with the traditional, laid-back surfer vibe.

The central mission of The Surfjack is to pay homage to the real soul of Waikiki, not the overly-commercialized version peddled to the masses. The founders, therefore, sought out Honolulu’s best and brightest architects and asked them to design a contemporary space that respects the original culture of the area.

Everything about The Surfjack, therefore, is bespoke, from the deck to the pool to the accommodation. The hotel captures the original spirit of the region but provides all the luxuries that a modern surfer could want, making it perhaps the most desirable establishment in town.

The hotel, of course, offers a lot of amenities, besides the local surf. When you’re not at the beach, you can check out the hotel’s Swim Club, where you can relax at the pool, enjoy a cocktail, and chat with other guests. There’s also a men and women’s boutique, a shop selling both contemporary and traditional clothing that fits perfectly with the Hawaii aesthetic.

Be warned, though, that this is not a boutique hotel. With more than 112 rooms with mid-century aesthetics, this is a sprawling complex that will take you out of your comfort zone – in a good way!

Book a room now at The Surfjack Hotel from $295 a night.

Hotel Escondido, Mexico

The Hotel Escondido in Mexico is the place to go if you want to enjoy a slower pace of life along a pristine section of the Mexican coastline. It lies along a stretch of Mexican beach with very few other hotels, making you feel that you pretty much have the place to yourself. It is just 30 minutes from Puerto Escondido, but very few tourists ever make their way this far down the coast.

The location, of course, comes at a cost. On the one hand, you’re isolated and free to explore the best that nature has to offer, without crowds of people cluttering up the beach. On the other hand, though, you have to travel a long way to get to the nearest town – a problem if you want to eat anywhere other than the on-site restaurant.

The facilities at the venue are nothing short of stunning. It offers 16 private cabanas, many of which feature private pools, surrounded by local, wild-growing cacti. There’s an Olympic-size swimming pool that runs from the beach to the bar, a laundry service, a spa with every treatment you can imagine, and WiFi.

All of the rooms are in palm-thatched private villas or “cabanas” as the locals like to call them. These feature high ceilings, sliding doors, and shower and toilet cubicles. There’s plenty of wardrobe space to keep all your fresh clothes and plenty of opportunities to go outside and meet neighboring guests.

Please note that this is an adults-only venue. No children under 16 years of age can stay.

Book a room at Hotel Escondido now from $280 a night.

Surf Maroc Amouage, Morocco

surf camps in morocco

Surf Maroc Amouage in Morocco grew from humble beginnings. Back in 2003, it was little more than a Transit van, five boards, a couple of wetsuits, and a pair of friends on a mission to create an incredible surfing retreat. Of course, back then, Morocco hadn’t realized its surfing potential. It had an astonishing coastline featuring idyllic surf, but no places that surfers could call a home away from home.

Today, Surf Maroc is the region’s premier surfing destination, featuring four stunning locations, each of which reflects the spirit and character of the area. The founders are passionate about bringing surfing culture to Morocco and have, therefore, done everything that they can to provide an experience on par with similar venues in California, Australia, and Hawaii. The hotel does everything for you, from arranging your transport from the local airport to providing you with surf lessons from experienced instructors. If you’re looking to unwind, there’s a spa and yoga facilities, as well as delicious food and unfailingly good weather.

The principal place to eat at the facility is Cafe Mouja, a light and airy venue that serves up a variety of Moroccan dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Chefs prepare all meals on-site using seasonal, local ingredients.

Book an all-inclusive package at Surf Maroc Amouage in Morocco from £448pp/week.

Wake Up! Byron Bay, Australia

For those who want a classic surfing experience, there’s no better destination anywhere in the world than Wake Up! at Byron Bay. The accommodation is newly refurbished and relaxed, providing surfers with a laid-back place to enjoy the waves. Wake Up! has a distinct surf shack vibe from the outside, making you feel right at home from the moment you step onto the forecourt.

The Wake Up! Byron Bay is one of several locations run by the same company, including Sydney and Bondi Beach. All of the chain’s hotels focus on serving the needs of surfers, providing loads of facilities, no matter what your plans. Every room on the site has a newly refurbished bathroom, full air conditioning, and WiFi. The hotel also provides numerous USB ports for charging devices.

Other amenities you’ll find on-site include a range of free activities, including sunrise lighthouse tours, weekly yoga sessions, and even personal training. There’s also a chance to indulge in things other than surfing, including paddle-boards and cycling.

If you hop on the hotel’s website, you can view the weekly itinerary, showing you what’s happening on any given day. Mondays, there’s yoga at the beach alongside lighthouse sunrise tours. On Tuesdays, there’s the “beach boot camp,” where a personal trainer will give you a workout in glorious sunshine. A similar pattern runs through the rest of the week, except Sundays, which is pancake day!

Book a room at Wake Up! Byron Bay now from just £36 a night.

The Slow, Canggu, Bali

The Slow is one of the reasons why Bali is such a popular travel destination. The boutique accommodation features all-day dining, incredible artwork, easy access to local culture, and what it calls “interactive retail.” A visit to The Slow is more than just a stay in a hotel. It is an immersive experience where you genuinely feel as if you can leave your troubles behind and enjoy the very best that the world has to offer.

Thanks to its location in Bali, The Slow has to keep standards high. There are so many premier establishments on the island that guests will only choose the most exclusive – and those that offer the best value. The aesthetic in all the suites is “tropical brutalism” – a jumble of concrete and wooden lattices, combined with plenty of draped tropical plants. There’s also plenty of voided space, void screens to protect privacy, and “inverted gardens,” which surround most rooms.

Interestingly, the venue places a big emphasis on the music it plays to surfing guests. It’s Reverberation Radio collaborated with Los Angeles band, the Allah-Lahs, to find a selection of largely forgotten tracks from history to give communal spaces a unique vibe.

The surf, of course, is what you would expect from Bali, but this hotel is all about the artistry and decor. It’s perfect for people who want to hang out with the local community, experience island vibes, and experience a customized space. It is a one-of-a-kind venue.

Book a room at The Slow in Bali now for $245 a night.

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