How to Paddle on a Surfboard: Surfing 101

Learning how to paddle is an essential part of learning how to surf properly. Knowing how to paddle will help you find the best waves, all

How to pop up on a surfboard: Surfing 101

Learning how to pop up on a surfboard, is a fundamental part of learning how to surf. Follow our simple guide and learn how to master the perfect pop up.

How to Duck Dive: Surfing 101

Duck diving refers to the method of ducking underneath oncoming waves while paddling out to the lineup. By ducking underneath the waves, you can get out to the lineup quicker, and without losing the energy and momentum from being pushed back by a breaking wave.

How to read a wave: Surfing 101

Learning how to read a wave is one of the things that every improving surfer wants to master. It’s so easy when you’re out the

Understanding Onshore Wind and Offshore Wind

The principle of onshore and offshore winds is simple, right?!? If the wind is offshore it’s blowing from the shore towards the sea, and