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The Best Surf Destinations in May

The Best Surf Destinations in May

Best Surf Destinations in May

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Looking for the best surf destinations in May? We’ve got you covered. Our team spent the last year pouring over surf forecasts, weather reports, and average temperatures, so we could bring you the ultimate list of the best surf destinations for your ability. Continue below to see a breakdown of the best places to surf this May.

Best Surf Destinations in May For Beginners

For adventurous beginners, Morocco is the ideal spot in May, you can’t go wrong with the slow walling A-frames that are a daily occurrence here. And, for those who would prefer a USA vacay, California and Florida throw out consistent waves that are perfect for beginners in May. There are plenty of destinations here that can make it difficult to pick, but we recommend visiting Cowell’s in Santa Cruz for calm waters and longboarding, or the Sebastian Inlet not too far from Daytona Pier in Florida.

Best Surf Destinations in May For Intermediate Surfers

With warm water year-round, the best surf destinations in May that intermediate surfers have to choose from include Australia (specifically New South Wales), Costa Rica, and Western France. Byron Bay on the northern coast of New South Wales is great in May and the swells can be a refreshing challenge for intermediates looking to take a step up from beginner spots. If you love left-handers, then Pavones in Costa Rica is definitely the spot for you. And, if you’re looking for stunning beaches and pacific facing reef breaks, check out the Cote de Lumiere in France.

Best Surf Destinations in May For Advanced Surfers

Keramas in Bali boasts some of the meanest fast and hollow right-handers around and is definitely worth the trip for advanced surfers with waves regularly exceeding 6 feet in May. Revered by local surfers for its easily accessible barrels, Argulin is the best spot in Lombok for experienced surfers at this time of year. Saving the best, the biggest and the baddest for last, Cloudbreak in Fiji has waves that can exceed 20 feet in May. With such a massive swell, it provides the best surfing you’ll ever find in Fiji. An unmissable experience.

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