Best Surf Destinations in September

Looking for the best place to go surfing in September?

In September, the northern hemisphere gets a bit colder, making European countries less appealing to those who can’t stomach the cold. No matter what you’re looking for we’ve got a brilliant selection of the best surf destinations in September.

Best Surf Destinations in September for Beginners

A place that never gets enough credit as a good location for surfers, especially beginners, is the Philippines. Puraran Beach is an amazing place for beginners and the Philippines has some surprisingly good Spanish inspired Asian delicacies. For those that are less adventurous in the culinary sense, Florida is still a great place to catch some waves and make your bones as a surfer. With Daytona Beach being a mainstay for Florida’s surfing crowd, it’s definitely worth a try even for beginners.

Best Surf Destinations in September for Intermediate Surfers

If you were to think of any place that is synonymous with both surfing and surfer culture, where would you choose? For most, the answer is definitely Hawaii. With Hawaii being one of the best places to go at least once as a surfer, there’s nowhere with such a high density of amazing surf spots. To go with such an amazingly famous place, we’ve chosen a place much less visible to a lot of the surfing community. I talk of course, about Ireland with its lovely food, amazing Guinness and surprisingly good barrels with the ability to find an A-frame break if you know where to look. If in doubt ask the friendly locals.

Best Surf Destinations in September for Advanced Surfers

New Zealand is truly beautiful and there should be a picture of it next to beauty in the dictionary. For surfing, you’ll have an elegant coastline with swells to rival the better-known locations for advanced surfers. A very small town called Raglan is the best-known spot for its consistency and its delightfully positioned breaks on Manu Bay. Both Fiji and Mentawi are also worth looking at for advanced surfers with surfing chops.

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