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In-depth surf travel guides from more than 20 countries around the world.

california surf season
When is the California Surf Season?

Overall, fall and winter might be considered the best time of year to surf in California. However, as long as that coastline is, it really depends on where you are.

Surfing Siagao
Surfing Siargao in The Philippines

This is our guide to surfing Siargao. Read for everything you need to know to plan your ultimate surf trip to this tropical paradise in The Philippines.

surfing santa barbara
A Complete Guide to Surfing Santa Barbara in California

This is our complete guide to surfing Santa Barbara. Whether you’re an avid boarder or a first-timer, this cozy beach-side town is guaranteed to fulfil your needs.

surfing laguna beach
Surfing Laguna Beach in California

One of Southern California’s number one surfing hotspots for decades, Laguna Beach is home to a string of 27 beaches and coves, covering a stretch of 7 miles.

A Complete Guide to Surfing The Maldives

Thinking about surfing The Maldives? This is our complete surf travel guide. Read for everything…

surfing santa cruz
Surfing Santa Cruz in California

Nicknamed Surf City, Santa Cruz has 11 world-class surf breaks that are really worth checking out, especially the point breaks over Steamer Lane and Pleasure Point.

surfing encinitas
Surfing Encinitas in California

Encinitas in Southern California provides almost year-round surfing, and if you pick the right beach for you, you will have the most rad surf experience whenever you go.

surfing Uluwatu
Surfing Uluwatu in Bali

This is our Complete Guide to Surfing Uluwatu in Bali. There’s no shortage of great…

surfing malibu
Surfing Malibu

If you are planning on a trip to this Southern Californian gem, you’ll want to know about all of the best opportunities for surfing Malibu. Check out our complete guide.